Spinnaker external tack installation

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Ring 4x25mm Stainless steel (30816)
Spinnaker tack release: 4mm, 0.9m, yellow
Spinnaker tack: 5mm, 7.3m, red


Spinnaker tack shockcord: 3mm, 2.5m, black




1. Take the tackline and knot a set of half hitches in one end to create a grab handle. Tie a figure 8 knot at the same end of the line.

2. Feed the free end of the tack line through the starboard side eyelet to the underside of the trampoline.

3. Feed the tackline further through the 29 carbo block and cleat attached to the front crossbar. Leave the end hanging.

4. Feed the tack release line through the two eyelets.

5. Tie a figure 8 knot underneath the trampoline in the port side end of the line.
6. Tie the 4×25 ring to the other end of the tack release line using a bowline knot.

7. Feed the tackline through the tack release ring and through the block located next to the mast pin.

8. If the spipole/bowspit is attached, the tack can be lead towards the 29mm block on the tip and tied of temporarily. If the bowsprit is not attached put the remaining end of the tackline in the trampoline bag.

9. Take the shock cord and tie it to the rear trampoline tie rod.

10. Feed the shock cord underneath the trampoline and through the starboard rear eyelet to the top of the trampoline.

11. Knot a loop at the end of the shock cord using a bowline knot.
12. Pull the shock cord through its own bowline loop and attach it to the tackline using the newly created self-closing loop.


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