Spinnaker halyard installation

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Carbo 29 t2 block Harken (31903)


Spinnaker bale line: 3mm, 0.55m, black


Spinnaker block line: 3mm, 1.15m, black


Spinnaker halyard: 3-5mm, 22.5m, black\grey\white




1. Take the spinnaker bale line and a carbo 29 mm T2 block.

2. Feed one end of the spin bale line through the pre-drilled holes in the mast and tie a figure 8 knot.

Tape the ends of the bale line to let them slide easily through the pre-drilled holes!

3. Feed the other end of the spin bale line through the middle of the 29mm block and feed it through the pre-drilled holes and fixate it tightly with a figure 8 knot.

4. Install the block line to the top of the block and the strap eye above. Fixate the block at the same height as the bale line is positioned.

5. Feed the spinnaker halyard from inside to outside through the top block.

6. Attach the Dyneema line end of the spinnaker halyard temporarily to the bottom of the mast.

Applicable to boats:
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