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Here you can find several EPKs for our latest and most used models. Copyright an all images, whether photographs or digital vectors, belongs to Nacra Sailing International, unless stated otherwise.


Every Nacra logo (except Nacra Tech EPS-2.0) has 3 versions: DarkBlue, LightBlue and Outline. You can find all of our logos in all normal formats (in a single ZIP-file) :

Nacra logo on light
Nacra Logo on Nacra blue

Design Elements for Nacra Sailing


“Khand” and “Source Sans Pro” are the staple Nacra fonts.
“Khand” is used for headers and titles, “Source Sans Pro” is used for text.
You can get these for free from Google:


Primary colours
90% of Nacra’s branding consists of 3 colours:

Nacra Blue – #0072BC
Nacra Orange – #FF7100
White – #FFFFFF

Secondary colours
Most secondary colours are online only and should rarely be used in designs.

Dark Blue – #1D1E2C
Light Blue – #25C0D5
Red – #FF1400
Hazy – #BDB6B3
Ocean – #5E807F

Colour Coding
Nacra uses colour coding of our types of catamarans:

Nacra Orange and Light Blue for Freeride cats
Nacra Blue and Red for Racing cats
Dark Blue and Red for Olympic cats.

CTA’s and warnings are White and Red respectively.
Links are Ocean.
Lastly Hazy is used for footnotes, small text and bigger texts.

Press contacts

Sander Schuurman
Nacra Sailing Int.
+31 (0)6 46 115 648

Bob Hensen
Nacra Sailing Int.
+31 (0)6 55 691 988

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