Introducing the new Nacra 500 MK2 – the world’s first high-end leisure catamaran

It has been a while since the legendary California brand Nacra started in 1975. Building smooth hull designs sporting better buoyancy and speed characteristics than its competitors. Fast forward to 2005, two Dutch sailing mavericks didn’t think twice and bought the license for the Nacra brand.

Olympic Games

From that moment on Nacra Sailing focused on improving every model and relentlessly purchased the highest quality standards. And when the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games was launched, Nacra Sailing created the machine that flew on air: The Nacra 17 – the mixed-gender foiling multi-hull at the Olympic Games.

Made in Holland

Quite an achievement for the current CEO and head of the design team Peter Vink. The rest is history. Nacra Sailing kept innovating with the Nacra 15 –  the current World’s Youth and Youth Olympic Class, the Nacra Carbon 16, the Nacra F18 Infusion and Evolution, and The Nacra Carbon F20. Nacra Sailing became what is today the world’s leading brand in the racing community.

High-end leisure

Now Nacra Sailing is taking the next step by defining a new market segment. A brand new design. A boat that is of the highest quality, that is agile and swift but also manageable and durable. So here it is: Nacra Sailing is proud to announce the new Nacra 500 MK2. The first high-end leisure catamaran built to Olympic standards. It is fast, through a sleek top-level design. It is light, made of the highest quality materials and powered by an Olympic class supplier Performance Sails.

Fleet owners

“This is the catamaran you want to have. For leisure sailing, for family, for sailing schools, hotel chains, but also for occasional racing”, says Peter Vink, “If the brand Nacra is good enough for the Olympics why wouldn’t you allow it for yourself?”

The new Nacra 500 MK2 -  © Copyright Nacra Sailing, © Nacra 2021

Sleek hull design  - © Nacra 2021

Pre-ordering starts

Production numbers are limited to ensure total quality management standards. As of today, reservations and pre-orders are available. Make your reservation now to buy the Nacra MK2.

Nacra MK2 Highlights

Read more about the Nacra 500 MK2 specifications.



Pre-ordering starts now!

First deliveries early 2022

Pricing from € 15.500,-

Limited First Series



Black Progrip Padding  - © Nacra 2021

Increased skeg surface  - © Nacra 2021

The new Nacra 500 Mk2 logo  - © Nacra 2021

About Nacra Sailing
Since 1975 Nacra has always been about empowering sailors. Getting the best out of yourself and your team with Nacra supplying the equipment. Reaching new heights and pushing your boundaries. That’s Nacra Sailing! Nacra & Performance Sails are based in The Netherlands. Our Dutch company took over the original Nacra factory (Santa Ana, California) in 2007 with all its rights concerning the brand Nacra. Nacra has been originally founded in 1975 and draws its knowledge therefore from a long history of building and supplying catamarans to the world of sailing.

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