Featured image: Sander in orange with nephew - Photo credits P. Luigi

Nacra Sailing International hires seasoned marketeer Sander M.L. Schuurman for its global Nacra brand expansion

After 8 years in the superyacht business and being well-known in the international boat show arena, Sander, a former world champion sailing on Nacra, returns to his roots.

Originally a banker with a background in sailing, he was lucky enough to be selected for the Volvo Ocean Race marketing team at ABN AMRO, where he applied his experience in the dinghy racing scene and knowledge of marketing to the big boat arena.

With this marketing experience and passion for the sport of sailing, Sander Schuurman MSc in Business Economics joined Nacra Sailing International, to take on the global brand expansion. His mission, with Nacra Sailing, already being a global brand in the racing arena, is to develop the worldwide recreational catamaran market.

Nacra is known for the Olympic Multihull Class Nacra 17 and Youth Olympic Class Nacra 15, the F18 and F20 racing catamarans globally. Their next step is in the recreational market with the introduction of the new Nacra 500 MK2 end of 2021. Nacra felt that it needed to upgrade recreational sailing. Other brands have not invested in updating their products for the leisure market. With the new Nacra 500 MK2, Nacra integrates its experience in the Olympic Class in a catamaran for leisure purposes.

‘This is a dream come true’, Says Sander, ‘The circle is closed’. Sander grew up sailing with brother Serge on catamarans in Zandvoort/Amsterdam-Beach. They sailed as much as they could and the experience paid off long term for Sander. Now after an international business career, Sander joins a passionate group of sailors in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, led by CEO Peter Vink. ‘I am in the right place to make Nacra the leading and biggest catamaran brand in the world’, says Sander. ‘How cool this is really happening’!

Please come and see Sander in the coming Nacra 15 worlds in La Grande Motte or reach out to him. ‘I invite all in my network to get sailing out there and to inspire youth to savour 30 knots while in a trapeze harness. Sailing is a “game-changer”. Some could do with a little less social media and gaming and more of real-life’, Sander says smilingly: ‘And imagine you are 13 years old and can sail the Formula II of the sailing world! Come-on!’

His office is at the seaside. So don’t forget to bring a wetsuit when visiting.




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