November 2021 – World’s in La Grande Motte display pathway for Youth Sailing

The Youth World Championships, last month in France with 73 Teams out of 12 different countries, show the spirit of sailing.

What a great scenery it was seeing all these youngsters sailing at their best under the French Mediterranean blue skies. Facing very different wind conditions and weather systems – ranging from windless to gale force.

Clearly, the Nacra 15 with its Olympic Games induced technical features is the Youth Pathway to the equivalent of Formula 1 in sailing, the Olympic Class Nacra 17. Wearing helmets and mostly with smiles on their sunkissed faces, but sometimes with a determined grin, they race in mixed boy/girl teams at speeds that make other classes jealous.

When the boats approach the downwind buoy at 30 knots of speed, the pros separate from the very good and give the ideal sensation to draw youth to the sport. Teenagers are fond of and used to speed, think of the fast-paced internet, and are not in for a dull ride. The Nacra 15 seems the ideal Youth Pathway to the sport of sail racing and to higher levels of the sport. Like national and international regatta’s or even to the Olympic Games.

The social aspect of sailing is evenly attractive to teenagers. The mixed team set-up in the Youth Olympic Class and official Olympic Mixed Multihull class (Nacra 17) helps to entice young sportive teenagers to embrace the sport. A lot of social interaction takes place before and after every race that’s how you make friends for life.

It is an international phenomenon, over 12 nationalities from Switzerland to Tahiti gave their best. The current Nacra 17 gold medallists of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Italy’s Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti, shared a kind encouragement, ‘Say hello to all these runners up in the Olympic Games and who knows we may see them in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games or after!’.

Currently, there are a lot of types of dinghy’s that lead up to a higher sportive level in sailing, like skiffs and the more traditional monohulls. The catamaran sport with its active lifestyle is building momentum. So all young, fun-loving and adventurous youngsters out there, put your helmet on and spinnaker-up!

Congratulations to all winners of the Nacra 15 Worlds 2021:

Under 16:

FRA 248 Youen Champs & Gwilherm Cadic

FRA 181 Come Rousere & Hugues Vandermersch

ITA 257 Marianna Ruggiano & Manfredi Marioni

Under 19:

SUI 270 Axel Grandjean & Noemie Fehlmann

FRA 222 Thomas Proust & Eloise Clabon

BEL 300 Kwinten Borghijs & Lieselottte Borghijs

General overall

SUI 270 Axel Grandjean & Noemie Fehlmann

FRA 222 Thomas Proust & Eloise Clabon

FRA 167 Manolo Geslin Grimaud & Marion Declef

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