Reliability as a
base rule.

Sailors around the globe rely on Nacra Sailing – on its hardware like catamarans, sails and parts, innovations and know-how, events like World Championships and the Olympic Games, and its service. Why? Because they can. Nacra Sailing strives to be one of the – if not the – most dependable multihull sailing brands in the world. We do much more than produce high-quality cats, and sailors know it.

Need some convincing? Take a look and see why sailors, from young beginners to Olympic veterans and anyone in between, pick Nacra Sailing as their go-to in the sailing world.

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Why you should choose Nacra.


We believe anything should be possible for anyone.


Experience a rich history of boat building in every catamaran.


Finding new ways to become a greener company each year.

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Released in 2022, the Nacra 500 MK2 is t

Completely redesigned following the latest 

"Quote about our core business. This should reflect everything Nacra Sailing is."

Peter Vink
CEO of Nacra Sailing INT.

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