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The Youth Pathway to greatness

The official Youth Olympic Catamaran.
High performance racing in the coolest places.
The Youth Athlete’s weapon of choice.


The Youth Athlete’s weapon of choice. When it comes to build quality, equipment and most of all performance, the Nacra 15 Youth Olympic is second to none. Young and new teams can enjoy fast and safe sailing on their way to the highest podium. But the Nacra 15 Youth Olympic is not only about international racing – it’s also about making new friends around the world, having fun locally and just enjoying the thrill of teenage performance sailing. Boys and girls working hard to represent their home countries can live their dreams at the World Sailing Youth Sailing Championships and Youth Olympic Games. Equipment supplied events organized at the coolest world venues, all possible while Nacra Sailing will supply and support their provided Nacra 15.

Youth Olympic racing
Competitive racing

2 Youth sailors


The Nacra 15 Youth Olympic is a performance catamaran used primarily for youth racing. It’s designed as a smaller version of the Nacra 17 Olympic multihull Class flagship, taking many aspects directly from its big brother, making the transition from Youth Olympic to Olympic boat a small stepping stone. Unlike the single-handed and foiling versions of the Nacra 15, the N15 Olympic is a

One Design Class optimized for competitive racing on the highest levels. The Nacra 15 carries two highly engineered curved dagger boards that provide lift. This provides an extra dimension in sailing, as the Nacra 15 is a semi-foiling catamaran. More lift means reduced drag means more speed and excitement. The perfect catamaran to catch youngsters sailing for life.



The highest podium in youth sports is what the Nacra 15 Olympic was built for. The scaled down version of the Nacra 17 Olympic features the same gear, made specifically available for youth sailors. With a large platform, a little bit more weight and semi-foiling ability, we’ve made the Nacra 15 Olympic a lot safer, while still maintaining that challenge-to-sail feel. 

Unlock and finetune your full potential, with rig settings such as shroud tension, mast rake and diamond tension, daggerboard control and sail controls such as downhaul, outhaul and traveller, all of which allow a wide range of ages and crew weights to sail the boat – with sailors as young as 10 already competing internationally.
Full Harken® gear and high quality ropes means that your rigging is completely up to the highest standards. Racing fast might be the goal, but safety always comes first. A large trampoline area, anti-slip ProGrip and a safe trapeze system make sure of that.

High performance and high quality. When you get a Nacra 15 sail from Performance Sails you can rest assured that you’ve got one of the best multihull sails in the world. All Nacra 15 sails are handcrafted according to very rigid Olympic standards. Because they produce sails for the highest podium in sports, and have done so since 2000, they hold themselves to increasingly high production standards and quality control. You will not only get one of the best sails on the market, you also get the latest in sail innovation.

The youth Olympic pathway. The Nacra 15 represents the future of cat sailing at the highest level around the world. Young athletes are encouraged to discover their full potential. The official World Sailing Youth multihull is an exciting yet safe boat that new generations have fun with and enables them to take the best out of themselves as a team.

A lifetime of fun

Sailing a Nacra 15 competitively provides the perfect opportunity to learn valuable communication, decision making and technical set-up skills in a high-speed environment; a great pathway for the future generation of high-performance sailing athletes.

With regular racing opportunities internationally, sailors, parents and coaches become part of a friendly community of past, present and future Nacra 15 sailors, whilst making lifelong friends with sailors from around the world!


Standard ● Optional ○
DesignNacra / Morelli&Melvin
Hull4.7m (15'4")Glass foam FRP polyester resin
Beam2.34m (7'67")
Mast length8.17m (26'8")Aluminium
Boat weight150kg (330 Lbs)Ready to sail
Trapeze system2 person
Mainsail13.77m² (148ft²)Polyester
Jib3.28m² (35ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker15.91m² (171ft²)Nylon
Spinnaker retriever system
Mainsheet system1 to 10
Mainsail cunningham system1 to 16
Curved daggerboard setGlass fiber carbon reinforced
Rudder setKick-up aluminium
Rudder systemKick-up aluminium

International Nacra 15 Class

The Nacra 15 was chosen by World Sailing as the World Sailing Youth Multihull in November 2015. The boat is used during the World Sailing Youth World Championships and Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15 is the pathway for young sailors on their way to the Nacra 17 and the Olympic Games.

International Nacra 15 Class Association


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1 – Hull construction, fabrication and transport using sustainable materials.
2Green Seal certificate Vinyl Ester Resin (VER) from renewable resources – Vapourless Vacuum Infusion process – Composite foam (PET) from renewable resources – Sustainable cloth fabric hull transport protection covers.
3 – Dacron® sails configurable in radial and cross-cut design. Printable and stickerable graphics options available.
4 – Sailplan available with customizable spinnaker. Printable and stickerable graphics options available.

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