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The standard in Formula 16 sailing.
Recreational or highly competitive.
The carbon stepping stone.


The Nacra F16 Carbon offers everything race teams look for in a mature racing cat and more. It is the preferred choice for lightweight crews of all ages and is suitable for both double-handed and single-handed sailing.

The boat comes in a full Class approved configuration as standard. But you can easily switch to semi-foiling performance. If you wish to take your F16 even further, there are several exciting options available.

Competitive racing



The Formula 16 Class used to be an assembly of ‘homemade’ boats, but ever since World Sailing (ISAF back then) recognized the Class as official in 2010, it matured quickly. From the beginning, Nacra Sailing was convinced that Formula 16 sailing will grow and rise to new heights and so we’ve decided to make a dedicated Class boat. Together with the legendary engineers from

Morelli&Melvin we’ve designed a boat that has become the standard for almost every type of sailor – from the recreational solo-sailor to competitive teams searching for the cutting edge. And of course, it fits perfectly into the Olympic pathway: The Nacra F16 Carbon is the perfect steppingstone from youth to full Olympic sailing.



The racer for sailors with attitude. It is perfect for lightweight single or double crews of all ages. Designed to put sailors in control, the Nacra F16 Carbon is loads of fun to sail, both in racing and touring mode. A very rigid platform Although Formula 16 Class regulations do not yet allow Decksweeper sails, Nacra has made them available anyway. And in maybe the biggest upgrade yet, the F16‘s sails are now constructed of Endumax® – one of the strongest and lightest cloth materials to date.

Superstrong lightweight carbon components give the Nacra F16 Carbon its name. With options such as full carbon mast, boom, spinnaker pole and tiller tie bar, your F16 can be as light as you wish it to be.

Stronger than steel, light as a feather. The all-new sails made by Olympic supplier Performance Sails are now made of Endumax®, a revolutionary aramid film that is incredibly strong and light. In fact, its strength-to-weight ratio is the highest available on the market. Its unique physical and chemical structure give Endumax® incredible performance, a very high resistance against tearing and other damages, and against UV-rays. Your Endumax® sails will take your F16 to the next level, no matter the circumstances.

The strength of Endumax® sails shows when sailing competitively.

Customize away

You can customize your Nacra F16 Carbon with multiple accessories, upgrades
and additions to make your catamaran truly yours.

Standard ● Optional ○
DesignNacra / Morelli&Melvin
Hull5m (16'4")Full carbon foam sandwich FRP epoxy resin
Beam2.50m (8'2")
Mast length8.53m (28')Aluminium
Boat weight127kg (280 Lbs)Ready to sail
Trapeze system2 person
Mainsail15m² (161ft²)Endumax GP
Jib3.7m² (40ft²)Endumax GP
Spinnaker17.5m² (188ft²)
Spinnaker (One config)17.5m² (188ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker retriever system
Mainsheet system1 to 10
Mainsail cunningham system1 to 16
Daggerboard setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
Curved daggerboard setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
RudderFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
Rudder systemKick-up aluminium
Standing rigging with adjustable turnbuckles


The F16 class fosters a sense of a community among competitive and social racers. The class aims to work closely with the other formula classes to create a great environment for all sailors. It is both an open class (handicap) and a class racer. In addition to competitive sailing, recreational sailing is an important aspect of the class. These three scenes fully complement each other and none impedes the full exploitation of the other. The F16 class looks forward to welcoming new F16 sailors to their community, no matter what type of sailor you are.

Formula 16 International Class Association

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