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The evolution of sailing

Record-breaking winning design.
The next step in Formula 18 sailing.
(r)Evolutionary on every level.


Using the most advanced technology in Formula 18 sailing, the Nacra F18 Evolution is a racing catamaran built to win – a sophisticated design combined with 45 years of experience make it the best all-round performing Formula 18 multihull, across the full range of sailing conditions for every sailor.

The literal evolution in Formula 18 sailing, it’s the next iteration of the boat that won it all, the Nacra F18 Infusion. Using the same unique construction process, this catamaran will take you to heights in performance you’ve only dreamed of.

Competitive One Design racing

2 Sailors


The main purpose of the new F18 Evolution design was to build upon the unique pedigree of the Nacra F18 Infusion MKII as the previous best-in-class allrounder. Taking all the best parts from its predecessor, redesigning its flaws, improving where we could, we’ve created a worthy successor.  The main visual difference is of course a completely new hull shape, but the real improvement is 

in the details. Built to push through in even the toughest conditions on the water, the Nacra F18 Evolution is truly the next step in Formula 18 sailing. Built upon a great legacy, it’s only a matter of time before the F18 Evolution makes its unforgettable mark in Formula 18 sailing.



An already winning design. The Nacra F18 Evolution has the same overall specifications as the Infusion MKIII, but incorporates a new hull design with reverse raked stems. It has a fractional sloop rig with aluminum spars. The hulls feature transom-hung carbon fibre rudders controlled by a tiller and dual retractable carbon fibre daggerboards. The rudders are a kick-up design.

The most distinctive feature of the Nacra F18 Evolution is its hull shape design – an aggressively styled raked wave-piercing bow with a horizontal hull chine that runs back into the transom. This design offers a unique compromise for both sailing upwind and downwind at different speeds.
The optimized foredeck in front of the main beam and embedded beams into the hull add elegance to this design. The updated longitudinal beam position optimizes the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic balance between the sail plan and appendages.  

Next generation sailing performance. Close collaboration with the aerodynamic sail design of Performance Sails has ensured an optimized sail plan which features the regatta proven Pentex™ Decksweeper mainsail and an optimized jib design tailored to the new mainsail. A tough polyester spinnaker, available in 3 colours and 2 types of different strength cloth, completes the sail plan.

Completely optimized for Class racing, the F18 Evolution’s sails are tailor-made – from mast fitting to

Nacra Sailing strives to always be on the forefront of development. We don’t get it right all the time, but the F18 range has been a benchmark in design- and construction processes for decades, and the front line of box rule racing. 

The Nacra F18 Evolution truly reveals our DNA, everything Nacra stands for. As an early adopter of the since perfected Infusion process, our development has taken a rapid flight that allowed us to be on the bleeding edge of Formula development limits. And we’re unabashedly proud of that.
Not only have we poured 45 years of knowledge in this boat, we coupled that with feedback from pretty much all F18 legends and engineers, some of whom have since evolved to America’s Cup teams.

From fluid dynamics to optimizing hull strength, to working with optimal sail shape and weight rules, ‘Scuderia’ Nacra’s 9th (!) generation F18 is built on a rich history of strife, success, hardship and perseverance.


Standard ● Optional ○
DesignNacra / Morelli&Melvin
Hull5.52m (18')Glass foam sandwich FRP epoxy resin
Beam2.6m (8'5")
Mast length9.15m (30')Aluminium
Boat weight180kg (418 Lbs)Ready to sail
Trapeze system2 person
Mainsail17m² (183ft²)Pentex™
Jib4.3m² (46ft²)Pentex™
Spinnaker21m² (226ft²)Nylon
Spinnaker retriever system
Mainsheet system1 to 10
Mainsail cunningham system1 to 16
Jib cunningham system1 to 4
Daggerboard setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
Curved daggerboard setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
RudderFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
Rudder systemKick-up aluminium / Cassette aluminium
Rudder & daggerboard cover set
Standing rigging with adjustable turnbuckles


The F18 class is founded in 1993 by Pierre Charles Barraud and Olivier Bovyn. The F18 class aims to provide fair racing for crews of various weights. With the use of two different sail sizes of jibs and spinnakers, crews can weigh from 115 to over 150 kg. Competition between the manufacturers keep the costs at the lowest level. Allowing mixed and female crews to compete on an equal basis in large male fleets made entering in the class more accessible for every sailor. The Formula 18 class keeps offering popular, exciting, safe and fair racing, and also keeps on growing and evolving.

International Formula 18 Class Association

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