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The ultimate sailing experience

The pinnacle of technical sailing.
Unmatched speed on the water.
Controlled freestyle fun.


Taking the best from the sailing world, the Nacra F20 Carbon is born out of the capabilities of the hydrofoiling AC50 America’s Cup yachts, designed by Morelli & Melvin, and all the best features and functions of the F18 Infusion. 

This incredible boat is suited for a double crew and is designed for both technical course and inshore/coastal racing. Available with a Foiling Package, the F20 Carbon is transformed into a true speed demon. You have to see for yourself what it’s capable of.

Technical racing
Competitive racing

2 Sailors


The largest, fastest, most technical and arguably most exciting catamaran in the Nacra family, the Nacra F20 Carbon is hailed as the company’s flagship. Because the construction method’s significant use of strong carbon, it’s lighter than the smaller F18 Infusion despite being larger. Every technical detail is optimized for super fast sailing, both with the standard daggerboards, as well as full hydrofoiling with the Foiling Package. Made for the

more heavier crews, this boat can take a punch or two. With the choice of multiple light and ultra-strong sailcloth options, the sails will power the F20 Carbon through anything Mother Nature throws at it. And even in low wind conditions you can still get it to foil quite easily.
The Nacra F20 Carbon is a recognized World Sailing international competition Class.



Very stiff and very powerful, the Nacra F20 Carbon features carbon fibre epoxy hulls, a fractional sloop rig with a rotating carbon mast, vertical transom, transom-hung rudders controlled by a tiller and come standard with retractable daggerboards, with the option of full carbon fiber L-shaped hydrofoil daggerboards and T-shaped kick-up rudders, unique to the F20. All in all, this is a beautiful boat capable of blistering speed and a truly thrilling ride in a wide range of conditions.

Strong, light, durable and powerful. The full carbon hulls, made with knowledge learned through designing the AC50, are our fastest and best yet. These design developments add performance by improving speed and by making the boat easier to sail fast. And who doesn’t want to go fast?
The modern Foiling Package lets the F20 Carbon fly over the water. Capable of top speeds of over 30 knots, the Foiling Package turns sailing into a true Formula 1 experience. Constructed completely out of carbon fibre, it gives you all the power you need to fly.

Unimaginable power – you just need a breeze. The sail plan for the Nacra F20 Carbon consist of a variety in high aspect carbon infused mainsail and jib configurations – from material to cut to use. A flying crosscut carbon aramid Decksweeper set or a super light Endumax® Foiling set, the choice is yours. Regardless, all our sails are ultimately optimized for incredible speeds and the power needed to fly.

Stronger than steel, its unique physical and chemical structure give Endumax® incredible performance, a very high resistance against tearing and other damages, and against UV-rays. Your Endumax® sails will take your F20 Carbon to the next level, no matter the circumstances.

Customize away

You can customize your Nacra F20 Carbon with multiple upgrades
and additions to make your catamaran truly yours.

Standard ● Optional ○
DesignNacra / Morelli&Melvin
Hull6.2m (20'3")Full carbon foam sandwich FRP epoxy resin
Beam3.2m (10'5")
Mast length10.51m (34'5")Full carbon prepreg epoxy
Boat weight182kg (401Lb)Ready to sail
Boat weight (FCS config)202kg (445Lb)Ready to sail
Trapeze system2 person
Mainsail21.07m² (227ft²)Endumax GP
Mainsail DS21.07m² (227ft²)Endumax GP
Jib4.99m² (54ft²)Endumax GP
Spinnaker27.66m² (297ft²)Nylon
Spinnaker (FCS config)27.66m² (297ft²)Polyester
Spinnaker retriever system
Mainsheet system1 to 10
Mainsail cunningham system1 to 16
Daggerboard bearing kit
Daggerboard setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
Curved daggerboard setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
RudderFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
Rudder systemKick-up aluminium / Cassette aluminium
Conversion C Foil kitFull carbon
FCS T rudder setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin
FCS L foil setFull carbon FRP epoxy resin

Ready to start flying?


All models outfitted with an Foiling Package (FCS or Flight Control System for short) are ready for full foiling – during your sail, specialized hydrodynamic daggerboards combined with upwards pressure make you get a controlled ‘flight’, meaning your whole boat will be above the water, rather than in it. Make alterations on the water during your flight to find the groove you are looking for and fly over water to leave others behind.

These so-called Foil sets are designed to fly in a wide range of weather conditions, to make competitive catamaran sailing accessible to even more sailors, and are built to meet the highest safety standards. A real treat for the more, or a little less, experienced sailors.

Using the best possible manufacturing techniques available, we’ve obtained maximum strength with minimum weight using autoclave technology, curing the pre-impregnated carbon/epoxy at 120 degrees Celsius at an atmospheric pressure of 6 bar. It will put you miles ahead of any fleet in terms of performance and joy.


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