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Beam assembly bolt and nut

Estimated reading time: < 1 min
[strong]Tools needed:[/strong]
– Torque wrench
– 5/16 or 8 mm hex socket
– 9/16 or 14 mm hex socket
– Philips screwdriver
– Grease

1. Space the hulls approximately 2.5m parallel from each other. Use cardboard cradles or cattrax to support the hulls.

2. Place both crossbars

3. Insert all beam bolts before tensioning. Grease the bolts using the supplied grease.

Do not use sikaflex to make the holes watertight. You can use a less strong silicone-based kit.

4. Put the nuts on the bolts from the inside. Via the hatches.

5. you can use the supplied 8mm Allen key to tension the bolts.

Do not exceed the recommended 30 Nm, over-tightening the bolts results in damaged threads.
Applicable to boats:
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