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Bowsprit with compression pole installation

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1. Slide the bowsprit over the bowsprit pin on the front beam.

2. Mount the compression pole on the bridle connector using a clevis pin. Mount the bowsprit to the compression pole using a clevis pin.

3. Push the bowsprit gently down in order to install the bowsprit bridle on the bridle pin with the clevis pins 3/16 x 3/8.

4. Tie the bowsprit bridle line in front of the compression pole. Tie the other end to the rings at both bridle wires.

5. Knot the snuffer line with a bowline around the pole and insert it in the slot of the ring.

The line goes in the slot on the front of the snuffer ring!

6. The other end must be tied on the ring at the bridle.

7. Attach the hooks at the end of the snuffer bag to the loops at the bottom of the trampoline.

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