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Diamond wires

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2x Diamond wire


1x Mastbase


1x Mast


2x Split ring stainless steel(30553)


1x Bolt diamond adjuster (30187)


2x 1/2 x 1/4 clevis pin (30524)


1x Brass fitting diamond adjuster (31456)


Tools needed:
– Wrench 17mm
– Long nose plier
– Grease
– Self-amalgamating tape
It is preferable to place the mast on supports while building the mast.


1. Take the brass fitting from the rigbox kit diamond adjuster and the diamond wires.

The brass fitting is asymmetric. Make sure the brass fitting is in the same position as shown in the pictures!

2. Feed the diamond wire through the slots in the mast. Grease the threaded ends of the diamond wires and fit one end into the brass fitting. Turn until you see the full hole in the end which sticks out of the brass fitting.

3. To fit the other diamond wire into the brass fitting let another person help you by turning the diamond wire at the other end.


4. Mount the split rings on the diamond wires.

5. Grease the diamond adjuster bolt and adjust the washers and mastbase with the washer on top. Make sure the bolt is at least 5mm in the brass fitting.

6. Place the mastbase on the mast and pull the diamond wires further up through the diamond slots in the mast.

7. Bend the diamond wire tang away from the mast.

8. Attach the fork terminals of the diamond wires on the tangs with the two clevis pins 1/4 x 1/2 from the spreader attachment rigbox kit.

The ring must be on the outside!

9. Tape the fork terminals

Applicable to boats:
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