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FCS rudders

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Parts needed:

Rudderstock with rudder-pin
Rope handle 4mm
Shockcord 4mm
Tiller crossbar

1. Move the rudder-lock rod forward inside the tiller-arm by pulling the rope and securing the rope in the clam-cleat.

2. Insert the head of the rudder foil into the rudderstock cassette.

3. Un-cleat the lock rope and make yourself familiar with how the rudder lock works, by locking and unlocking.

4. Tie the rope handle as illustrated with two figure-eight knots.

5. Tie the 4mm shock cord through the same hole with a bowline.

6. Tie the other end of the 4mm shock cord to the tiller-arm end.

7. The shockcord and the rudder-lock rod uncleated (pulling backward) will hold the rudder foil up in the rudderstock cassette.

8. Mount the rudderstock on the transom gudgeons using the rudder-pin as illustrated in the figure.

9. When afloat, pull the rudder-lock rod forward then extend the rudder-foil to the desired extension. Uncleat the rope and let the rod lock the foil. Check from above that the lock is properly extended into the rudder-foil.

10. Take the phillips screw out of the tillerarm.

11. Place the tiller crossbar in between the arms.

12. Check if the connector for the tiller extension is on top.

Applicable to boats:
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