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Fixed spreaders

Estimated reading time: 1 min
Applicable to boats:
Tools needed:
– Long nose plier
– Grease
-Self-amalgamating tape


1. Assemble the two spreader bars using the clevis pins 3/16 x 5/8.

2. Take the spreader tip cover and a monel-wire piece. Wind the wire around the spreader arm and put the two ends through the cover. Slide the cover over the spreader arm.

3. Attach the spreader to the mast with the spreader tip facing forward.

The split rings must face the bottom of the mast!

4. Slide the diamond wires into the slots of the spreaders.

Make sure the diamond wire is completely in the slot!

5. Twist the wire ends around each side of the diamond wire. Twist the two ends into each other.

First, perform Chapter Diamond tension before continuing the next steps.

6. Cut off the excess monel wire and ensure it is bent neatly onto the diamond wires to prevent the wire from tearing the sails.

7. Use self-amalgamating tape to tape the spreader ends and the pins and rings

Protect your sails, make sure no sharp wire ends are sticking out!
Applicable to boats:
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