Fixing the stays

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2x Shackle washer nylon (40201)


1x Shackle 8mm 5/16 (30779)


1x Forestay (non furling 30287, Furling 31534)


2x Shrouds (32207-2)


1x Monel wire (31462)


Tools needed:
– Longnose plier
– Self-amalgamating tape


1. Use the shackle 8mm 5/16, 2 nylon washers, the shrouds, and forestay.

2. Install them as shown in the picture. The forestay must be located in the middle.

3. Make sure the ring of the forestay is facing the mast.

Wrong orientation
Correct orientation


4. Tighten the shackle firmly with a long nose plier.

3. Tape the crimp sleeves of the forestay.

4. Secure the shackle using the last Monel wire piece.

5. Cut the excess wire and bend it back through the hole of the shackle pin before taping it.

6. Tape the monel wire piece using self-amalgamating tape.


Check for sharp edges and tape them if necessary!
Applicable to boats:
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