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Forestay full battened jib

Tools needed:
3mm allen key or T20 torx
Self-amalgamating tape

If you have a fully battened jib instead of a furling jib install your forestay as follows:

1. Assemble the forestay for the jib as shown in the images below:

2. Make sure the stainless steel jib halyard feeds through the top block.

3. Attach the 4mm line to one side of the stainless steel halyard furthest from the forestay.

4. Connect the shackle to the stainless steel halyard and 3mm line end.

5. Attach the 3mm line to the other end of the 4mm line.

6. Tape all sharp edges with self-amalgamating tape.

7. Mount the forestay cleat on the mast.

8. Attach the forestay adjuster to the bridle connector.