Front crossbar(beam) pre-bend

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Tools required:
– Wrench 22mm or 7/8 inch
– Wrench 19mm or 1/2 inch
  • There should always be a pre-bend on the front crossbar. This is been achieved by the tension on the dolphin striker.
  • On new beams the tension on the dolphin striker must be reset after:
    – 2 hours of sailing and
    – 10 hours of sailing
  • Reset without mast!
  • During the season check the pre-bend regularly.
Check pre-bend always without mast mounted on.


1. Release the tension on the nut located on top.

2. Release the tension on the nut located under the crossbar.

3. Put grease on both nuts.

4. Measure 15mm from top side of the crossbar to the bottom side of the upper nut.


5. Tension the nut underneath the crossbar until both nuts are tightened.

Applicable to boats:
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