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Jib sheet self-tacking continuous cleats on beam

1. Fixate the jibsheet big line on the starboard side in the front crossbar camcleat.

2. Slide the 16mm block on the jibsheet big.

3. Thread the jibsheet big through the port side front crossbar camcleat.

4. On port side, un-knot (from the small clamcleat) the rear pre-installed mouseline in the front crossbar, and attach it on the jibsheet big.

5. On starboard side, Pull the jibsheet big with the mouseline through the internal system until it comes out of the front crossbar.

Watch out for the tension on the mouseline. It can slip inside the beam.

6. Attach the two ends of the jib sheet big together.

7. When both sides of the jibsheet are attached to eachother, mouseline can be removed.

If the mouseline accidentally slips into the front crossbar take a close look at the drawing of the internal system.