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Jib sheet self-tacking

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1. Use the jib sheet small, one carbo 29mm block and a shackle D 5mm.
2. Knot one end to the middle of the 29mm block with a bowline and feed the jib sheet small from top to bottom through the first sheave of the double block located on the traveler of the self-tacking track.
3. Feed the line back from the bottom to top through the carbo 29mm block and back through the second sheave of the double block from top to bottom.
4. Feed the line from top to bottom through the block on the bowsprit located on the starboard side.
5. Knot the line to the T2 carbo 18mm block.
6. Feed the pre-installed traveler line of the jib through the cleat mounted on the bowsprit to range the track.

Applicable to boats:
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