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Kick-up rudder kick-up sensitivity adjustment

Estimated reading time: 1 min
Tools needed:
– Wrench 7/16 or 11mm
– Adjustable spanner
Kick-up systems are fail-safe systems. Meaning, the system is designed to minimize damage when accidentally sailing against an object. They are not designed to allow for beaching your catamaran without manually pulling your rudders up.


1. Fix the sliding bolt for the kick-up tension. Push the bolt forward and fix the bolt while you’re still pushing forward. The sliding bolt needs to be tightened firmly.
Use the 7/16 or 11 mm wrench and the adjustable spanner.

2. If you want to change the rudder rake, change the rubber for a smaller or bigger rubber.
Parts are available at

The spring wears out over time. Replace the spring if the kick-up system can’t be tensioned to a point where the rudders stay against the rudder rake rubber blocks during sailing. A too weakly tensioned kick-up system results in heavy steering. A too strongly tensioned kick-up system results in greater damage to your rudders during accidental sailing into an object.
Applicable to boats:
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