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Mast rotation continuous system

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1. Tie the two 16mm blocks on both sides on the loops underneath the trampoline.

2. Attach the shockcord (blue) by making a bowline to the loop at the port side.

3. Take the loose end of the shockcord and feed it through the 16mm block on starboard side. Attach the 16mm block on the end of the shockcord with a bowline.

4. Fixate the line (orange) on the starboard side in the rear camcleat and feed it between the trampoline and the tramp lace underneath the trampoline. Pull it upwards through the big eyelet in the middle.

5. Feed the line through the Harken lead ring and return it down below through the same eyelet towards the port side.

6. Feed the line between the trampoline and tramp lace, through the rear camcleat and the ring.

7. Feed back underneath the trampoline, continue through the 16mm block (attached to the shockcord) on starboard side and feed it back through the fixated 16mm block on port side.

Go from the front to the back through both of the 16mm blocks so that the line does not cross.

8. Finally pull the line towards the starboard side and feed it between the trampoline and the tramp lace. Then feed the line through the ring.

9. Attach both ends to each other as shown in photo A with two bowlines.

10. Adjust the connection wire to locate it inside the trampoline.

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