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Tools required:
– Allen key size 3
– Wrench 11mm

1. Place the mast with care on the trampoline with the masttrack down, support the back of the mast to prevent it from scratching!

2. Check if the rigging and the shackles are connected on the mast as shown in 2.7 Fixing the stays.

Option A: Shroud attachment Staymaster

1. Attach the staymasters to the shroud eye and corresponding shroud. For both sides of the catamaran.
2. Make sure the staymaster is at his maximum length of 9!

Option B: Shroud attachment Turnbuckle

1. Attach the turnbuckle to the shroud eye.
2. Make sure the turnbuckle is at his maximum length of 0!

Option C: Shroud attachment shroud adjuster

1. Attach the shroud adjuster to the shroud eye and the corresponding stay. For both sides of the catamaran.
2. Make sure the shroud adjuster is at his maximum length!
3. Slide the cap over the shroud adjuster.

Option A: Trapeze non-adjustable

1. Pull the loop of the trapeze cord over its own line, creating a new loop.
2. Pull the newly created loop over the knot in the bitter end of the trapeze rope.
3. Tighten the loop.

Option B: Trapeze adjustable

1. Install the adjustable trapeze with the shackle to the trapeze line. Use the 3mm Allen key. Check the adjustable trapeze chapter to assemble the trapeze system.

2. Knot the adjustable trapeze line to the trapeze shock cords.



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