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Hoist the mainsail

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1. Roll the mainsail from bottom to top.

2. Attach the mainsail halyard ring to the sail.

The knot must be on the mast side. It can happen that the system works better with the knot on the other side.

3. Guide the mainsail into the slot of the mast.

4. Hoist the mainsail with the mainsail halyard. A second person can guide the front of the sail into the slot.

5. Hoist the mainsail until you reach the masthook.

6. Gently pull down to hook the mainsail halyard ring into the masthook.

7. Slide the bottom part of the luff downwards into the masttrack.

8. Tension the clew of the mainsail by using the pre-installed line as shown in the picture.

9. Thread the outhaul through the clew eye and let the webbing strap hang loose. Attach the main sheet to the webbing strap.

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