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Manual books

Trimsheet Nacra 500 MK2
Trimsheet Nacra 500 MK1
Trimsheet Nacra 580
Trimsheet Nacra 15
Trimsheet Nacra F16
Trimsheet Nacra F18 Infusion (v5)
Trimsheet Nacra F18 Evolution V2
Trimsheet Nacra F20 Carbon (v1)

Nacra Users & Owners Manual 
Nacra F20 Carbon FCS Owners Manual

Assembly Manual Nacra Vintage
Nacra 500 / 570 / Blast / I-17 / I-18 / F-18 / I-20 Manuals
Assembly Manual Nacra 15 / F16 / 17 / F18 / F20
Assembly Manual Nacra 17 Olympic (v2)
Assembly Manual F18 Evolution
Assembly Manual Nacra 500 MK2

Boat tests

Nacra F18 Infusion test – Yachts&Yachting Mag
Nacra F20 Carbon test – Yachts&Yachting Mag

Partnumber diagrams

Nacra 460 Parts drawings

Front Crossbar 460
Rear Crossbar 460
Spinnaker Pole 460
Tillerbar 460

Nacra 500 MK1 Parts drawings

Front Crossbar 500 MK1
Rear Crossbar 500 MK1
Spinnaker Pole 500 MK1
Tillerbar 500 MK1

Nacra 570 Parts drawings

Front Crossbar 570
Rear Crossbar 570
Spinnaker Pole 570
Tillerbar 570

Nacra 17 Parts drawings

Front Crossbar 17
Rear Crossbar 17
Spinnaker Pole 17
Spinnaker Pole SLOOP 17
Tillerbar 17

Nacra 17 Olympic Parts drawings

Elevator rudder template N17
Elevator rudder manual N17 (2018)
Asymmetrical rudder template (2022) Updated
Differential rudder rake manual (2022) Updated
Elevator Fit Out jig (2022) (.ZIP-file with .DWG) New
Refit Monofilm Template for Active (2022) (.ZIP-file with .DXF) New
Front Crossbar N17 (2018)
Footstraps N17 (2018)
DB Trimwheel Line system N17 (2018)
Continuous Line system N17 (2018)
Daggerboard Case Line system N17

Nacra F18 Infusion Parts drawings

Front Crossbar F18 Inf (w/ self-tacking rails)
Front Crossbar F18 Inf
Rear Crossbar F18 Inf
Spinnaker Pole F18 Inf
Tillerbar F18 Inf