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Rudder allignment

Tools needed:
– Phillips head screwdriver
– Measurement tape
– 3mm drill
Rudder alignment determines the majority of how your boat feels on the water.
Alignment does require millimeter precision! Take the time to do this right or ask your dealer for help.


1. Measure the distance between the leading edges of the rudder blade (see A in the illustration below) and compare this length with the distance between the trailing edges (see measurement B). For correct alignment, the distances must be equal to each other, or the trailing edge (measurement B) distance should be 0 to 2mm longer than the leading edge measurement A.

Measurement A Portside
Measurement A Starboard side
Measurement B starboard side
Measurement B Portside

2. Make sure the rubber rod length (from tiller crossbar end to tiller arm end) is the same on both sides.

Adjusting the rubber rod length

3. Check the alignment measurements from step 1. Adjust if needed.
4. Pre-drill through the holes of the detached Phillips head screws with the 3mm drill.
5. Screw in the Philips head screws back into place.

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