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Kick-up rudders

Estimated reading time: 1 min

Tools needed:
– Wrench 7/16 or 11mm
– Flat screwdriver
– Grease
– Adjustable spannner


1. Assemble the upper and lower casting on the rudder blade. Use a flat screwdriver and grease.

2. Use the self-locking slot for the nylock nut at the port side of the casting.

3. Put the boat on a high support or a trailer to align the rudders high enough to lock down the rudders.


4. First place the lower pin through the lower casting.

5. Put the top pin through the lower casting.

6. Push the casting all the way down and check if the retainer clip is over the casting.

7. Lower the blades and lock both systems.

8. Take the Philips screw out of the tiller arm.

9. Place the tiller crossbar in between the arms. The following two chapters will explain how to mount it on the tiller arms correctly.

10. Check if the connector for the tiller extension is on top.

Wrong orientation
Correct orientation
Applicable to boats:
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