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Spinnaker system 1 cleat on mast external tack (1 person system)

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Option A: Spinnaker sheet blocks for wing trampoline

1. Attach the two Carbo 40mm single/swivel blocks to the loops on both sides located at the front of the trampoline (see A).

Option B: Spinnaker sheet blocks non wing trampoline

1. Attach the two Carbo 40mm single/swivel blocks to the eyelets on the starboard and port of the front crossbar.

Spinnaker sheet ratchet block on hull

1. Attach the 57 mm Carbo ratchmatic single spinnaker blocks on the strap eyes on the hull.

2. Tie the spinnakerblock shockcord between the spinnakerblocks.

Spinnaker halyard block trampoline

1. Attach a 29mm carbo single fixed asymmetric block on the middle of the trampoline as shown in B.

Spinnaker halyard cleat on the mast

1. Install the 40mm Carbo pivoting lead block. The cleat is facing downwards.

Spinnaker halyard block rear trampoline

1. Knot a butterfly hitch in the middle of the shock cord.

2. Attach the carbo 29mm to the loop just created.

3. Feed the shock cord from the top down through the grommets in the rear corners of the trampoline.

4. Tie the ends off on the rear trampoline lacing.

Spinnaker halyard ring trampoline

1. Loop the rope through the two grommets positioned in the front of the trampoline.

2. Then feed it through the ring.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, two or three times.

4. Tie the ends of the rope together.

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