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Spreader rake

Tools needed:
– Measurement tape
– Batten
– “Loose” tension gauge


1. Measure the spreader rake by placing a batten on the diamond stays, next to the spreaders. Measure to the back of the mainsailtrack.

2. You can change the spreader rake by releasing the tension on the diamond wires and adjusting the spreader tips. Always check if the spreader tips are screwed out equally.

Spreader tip measurement

3. Basic settings: set spreader rake on 45 mm. As a rule of tumb set 56mm on the spreader tips(measured as shown) to achieve the 45mm spreader rake with 32 loose gage tension.

Not respecting the minimum or maximum spreader rake can cause severe damage/ breakage of the mast while sailing.

Minimum spreader rake:
15 mm

Maximum spreader rake:
70 mm

For specified tuning settings, check the trimsheets on


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