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Trampoline tensioning rear lacing

Make sure the trampoline is in the middle of the catamaran.
Tools needed:
Long nose plier
Wrench or screwdriver

A well-tensioned trampoline is paramount to its longevity and your comfort on the boat. A correctly tensioned trampoline is tight enough to stand on without much deflection.

1. Loop the laces using the trampoline tie buttons.

2. Tension the trampoline loop by loop from port to starboard.

3. You can use a wrench and a long nose plier to apply more pulling force. Pinch the rope under tension at the tie button. And tighten the rope using the wrench to prevent the rope from cutting in your hands.

4. After tightening, go one or two buttons back to secure the line.

5. Tie the rear lacing line with a half-hitch knot. Continue until you reach the end of the line.

You will need to re-tighten the trampoline after the first weeks of use. The material needs time to set.