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Trampoline tensioning side cable

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Make sure the trampoline is in the middle of the catamaran.

1. Lead the trampoline rope through the side rope gutter in the trampoline.

2. Do the same for both sides of the trampoline and work symmetrical, following the steps on both sides at around the same time.

3. Forward: Thread through the mounted eyelet.

4. Thread through the back trampoline eye.

5. Thread back through the eyelet and fixate the line to the second trampoline eye using a bowline knot.

6. Aft: make a loop close to the rope gutter in the side rope using a butterfly knot.

7. Thread the end through the mounted eyelet and through the just-created loop.

8. Thread back through the eyelet and pull tension on the side cable.

9. Lead the bitter end through the trampoline eye.

10. Lead the bitter end through the eyelet

11. Fully tighten the side rope.

12. Tie the bitter end off on the rest of the rope using half knots.

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