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Trampoline track on hull

Estimated reading time: 1 min
Tools needed:
Torque wrench
5/16 or 8 mm hex socket
Dishwasher soap

1. Slide the front of the trampoline into the track of the front beam. The front top has a pocket opening in the middle. Check if the top points upwards.

2. Make sure the trampoline is centered.

3. Loosen all crossbar bolts.

4. Use dishwasher soap to lubricate the sides of the trampoline.

5. Ideally with two persons, slowly and evenly pull the sides into the tracks on the hulls.

Check if the trampoline does not get stuck at the front edge of the track. Pulling hard when this happens can damage your trampoline.
Pulling the trampoline in can be heavy, but this becomes easier over time when the trampoline stretches a bit. You can use soap on the sides of the trampoline to lubricate it.

4. Insert the trampoline tie rod into the trampoline, making sure that the sides are covered in cloth. Enter the rod via the hole in the side of the trampoline.

5. Make a small bowline in the port end of the rope.

7. For the last bit of pulling you can use a rope through the rear trampoline rod. Do not use the grommets in the trampoline. As these can rip your trampoline.

8. Tension the trampoline bolts according to the platform assembly chapter.
9. Make a small bowline in the port end of the rope.
10. Loop the rope through the tie rod from top to bottom, port to starboard.

Applicable to boats:
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