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Trampoline wing with plate

Only on F18 EVO MK I: Serial numbers up to 45. Find the number on the starboard stern.
Tools needed:
Long nose plier

1. Un-install the self-tacking jib track from the front crossbar.

Be aware that the clevis pins have different dimensions.

2. Insert the trampoline plates from the outside into the trampoline slot on the front. Do this on the starboard and port side.

3. Fixate the trampoline with the trampoline plate on the buttons on the front crossbar. Make sure you bring the two loose flaps between the beam and the dolphin striker.

4. The plate needs to be against the front crossbar. Make sure the buttons stick out adequately.

5. Wrap the trampoline around the front crossbar. Make sure the six cutouts fit the bases of the self-tacking jib track.

6. Insert the trampoline tie-rod into the slot on the rear of the trampoline.

7. Loop the rear lacing line through the tie rod, as shown in the picture below. Start at the port side of the trampoline.

8. Re-install the self-tacking jib track. Pay attention to the different lengths of the clevis pins.
9. Continue from chapter Trampoline tensioning.