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Trapeze wires: Adjustable trapeze version

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1. Connect the shackle to the top of the cam cleat.
2. Feed the long line through the bottom hole of the cam cleat and tie of with a figure 8 knot.
3. Feed the other end of this long line through the trapeze block and back up through the cam cleat. So that the remaining end can be hooked in the cleat.

4. Tie of this long line with a couple of half hitches.
5. Feed the shorter line through the hook and tie it off with a figure 8 knot. Make sure minimally 4 cm of rope is left after the knot to prevent slipping.

6. Feed the other end of the shorter rope through the trapeze block.
7. Slide the stopper on. And secure it with a stopper knot.
8. Finish the adjustable trapeze by making a figure 8 knot 4 cm from the end of the shorter rope.
9. Connect the adjustable trapeze wires to the trapeze line using the shackle

In the case of a Dyneema trapeze wire

In the case of a steel trapeze wire

Applicable to boats:
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