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Nacra Repair

Things break and wear out – such is the nature of sailing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
From boats to bolts, anything can be repaired.

Specialist Care

Large breakages often require expert care, so we’re working with a worldwide network of certified dealers to provide sailors with specialists 1. Find a dealer closest to you or send us a message and we’ll take care of it for you.

Coming soon

DIY Fixes

Smaller repairs can often be done by sailors themselves, so to help you we’ve compiled step-by-step instructions in the How-to Hub 2. Almost all parts can be quickly ordered online and shipped to your address of choice 3.

Sail Repairs

We work closely together with our Olympic sail supplier Performance Sails to take in sails and have them quickly and expertly repaired 4.

Parts contacts

Nacra Sailing HQ
Nacra Sailing Int.
+31 (0)70 338 2900

1 – Transport and shipping costs may be billed on user’s account. Repairs depend on severity of damage. Terms apply.
2 – Nacra Sailing provides this service free of charge. Any damages caused by repairs done by users are on user’s account. Repair tutorials may change over time. 
3 – As long as stocks last. Shipping subject to carriers. Terms apply.
4 – Shipping subject to carriers. Terms apply.

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