Championship Season is starting again! Get a head start by ordering your spare parts today!

What is the Roll Out Program?

Nacra’s Roll Out Program aims to give sailors a big heads up.

Because we are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to implementation of certain parts within (Olympic) Class racing, we’re able to give sailors a head start before official introduction by the Classes. 

Nacra Sailing is authorized to host pre-orders long before implementation, often with special pricing.

Want to be the first to know what’s up? Sign up below, and you’ll get a heads up as new limited pre-orders become available in the online store.

Roll Outs

To be implemented

No Roll Outs today. 


Nacra 17 Rudder Rake System

Implementation date: March 2022

Class: Nacra 17 Olympic

Expected first batch: March 2022 


Nacra 17 Elevators for improved safety

Implementation date: January 2022

Class: Nacra 17 Olympic

Expected first batch: December 2021 

Additional material

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