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The Nacra 15 FCS ONE

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Nacra´s newly launched single-handed flyer – Nacra 15 FCS ONE 

Following the evolution of the Olympic Nacra 17 Class and heeding to the increasing popularity of single-handed sailing, Nacra Sailing has introduced the Nacra 15 FCS ONE. A full-foiling, single-handed variant of the Nacra 15 FCS that is sure to offer the ultimate sailing experience for sailors around the world. 

Built in close partnership with leading design house, Morrelli & Melvin, this single-handed flyer features a one-of-a-kind sail configuration, including a deck sweeper mainsail without a jib, making it highly competitive and  great fun to race with.

Its sail plan is comparable to the World Sailing 15 C Foil configuration of Nacra 15, with only the FCS foiling package being plug and play as part of a new boat package and an additional option for existing Nacra 15 owners. 




The main features of the Nacra 15 FCS ONE are: 

Weight: 156kg
Hull: 4.7m (15´4´´)
Mast: 8,17m (26´8´´)
Beam: 2.34m (7´67´´)
Main sail: 13,52m2 (145ft2)
Spinnaker: 13,89m2 (149ft2)
Design by: Morrelli & Melvin

This multihull offers a versatile and robust single-handed performance, making it an exciting and hassle-free option for both experienced and rookies/recreational sailors for independent sailing. It has a new Z foil and L-Rudder design as well as a kick-up system to ensure a smooth ride from start to finish. Furthermore, the overall dimensions of the mast and cat make it an ideal performance-oriented foiler with no difficulty in launching. 

Awaken your spirit of adventure and recreation with the new Nacra 15 FCS ONE. Check out more information here or watch the foiler in action here.  


Note: At Nacra, we have something for everyone – from light and sturdy leisure cat to full-blown Olympic powerhouse.
Take a look and make your choice! For any queries about the new Nacra 15 FCS ONE or orders, contact your local Nacra dealer or Nacra Sailing at 

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